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Started in 2006 inravio.com TV Network is the digital distribution and streaming platform of Ultimate Media. Ultimate Media has two primary areas of operational focus; content creation and content aggregation. Through its production vehicle Ultimate Media Productions (UMP), the company acts as both a one stop turn key solution service provider for third party producers and content creation clients as well as an in-house production company which focuses on the creation of original short and long format television content. UMP’s intellectual property library currently houses over 1,000 hours of content from over 19 different intellectual properties that it owns.

Ultimate Media Inc.’s distribution company Ultimate Media Distribution (UMD) houses the company’s global distribution assets. Through its digital distribution platformInravio.com and its various partner agreements, UMD provides content creators with a massive global reach in the digital, terrestrial and mobile spaces. UMD currently holds distribution agreements and option agreements with over 55 different programs and content providers which represent close to 70,000 hours of original content.

Partnered with terrestrail Networks such as DISH, Roku, Time Warner, XBOX 360, Netflix, LG, Samsung, RCN, Grande, GCI, Cable One, Verizon, Midcontinent, SuddenLink,Comcast,and TiVo. As well as mobile providers as Verizon, T Mobile, AT&T, Sprint,Vodaphone, O2, Vrigin, Telefonia,KPN, hol, Tele2, Valk Hotels SbsDMEX Media, The content Company,Canal+, telenet, V2, TN, isrighthere, Maxdome, Ziggo, AC Hotels, Chello, Alice, and more.
Broadcasting Multi Video and Audio Channels of Movies, Shows, Music, etc. on all platforms.”

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