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Address: Po Box 2059 Borrego Springs California, United States


Since January 11, 1996 Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith have been creating a life together — a life built on mutual respect, discovery, awareness and adventure. It’s been quite an adventure indeed, and since Feb. 1, 2000 they’ve been crafting a soundtrack for their life and sharing it with the world via Radio Paradise.

Prior to starting RP, Bill had spent much of his life involved in the broadcast industry. Rebecca, who was new to that industry, taught Bill that a lot of what he learned in the competitive, ad-saturated world of commercial radio needed to be un-learned.

Together they have created a radio station quite unlike any other — one that breaks more rules than it follows. Their goal is to create a station that you can listen to every day, for as long as you choose, and remain entertained, delighted, and surprised by their music choices.


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