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TNT Radio Rock was born in February 2007 with the sole intention of bringing together some of the best radio programs Spanish territory. Most of our programs are broadcast on conventional FM stations from their own websites or blogs, etc … and we pass the files of each of their emissions to be pricked few days later in TNT Radio, so another big part of our broadcast is recorded, it sounds in real time. In the early mornings (always Spanish hours) some of the programs are repeated day.

Each of the programs is broadcast on TNT Radio is free to express his opinion, and music programming they see fit, always framed within ROCK, whatever your style.

Monday January 12, 2011 TNT Radio Rock has changed format and streaming technology and sounds with a quality far superior sound to which were broadcast to date, one of rock radio online with better audio quality . Furthermore, this new technology offers the possibility to broadcast live from TNT Radio Rock, one of the new big bets this station online continues to grow. So from January 2011 a large number of TNT Radio programs are broadcast live (see our programming grid).

Our only intention is to help promote and maintain a music in which we believe and why many of us live without political ideologies. Only music moves us and dissemination of culture, and all we want and seek … enjoy with our listeners and friends a few moments of good wavelength, working each week to offer the best face ROCK.

Enter TNT Radio, sit back, and enjoy the best music.

+ Info & contact: promo@tntradiorock.com ..

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